Are you considering of remodeling your bathroom floor? American Olean tile is a visually striking tile with unlimited possibilities of earthy colors, styles, textures, countless design benefits and versatile applications – ranging from rustic cabins to minimalist modern interiors. The tiles have been used for decades as a quality finish in commercial and institutional settings, such as malls, schools, hospitals and office buildings. Manufactured by the American Olean Tile Company, the high-end ceramic tile has a strié look, somewhere between stone and wood in appearance that elevates a quietly neutral bath. Modern designs draw inspiration from fashion runways and exotic locales, with surfaces that evoke fabric, leather, and even animal prints.

The American ceramic is glazed, and thus waterproof, strong, durable, flexible and resistant to moisture and scratches. It’s very DIY-friendly. It allows you to express yourself and add a unique design and flair to your bathroom, bringing with it something original and innovative to your home. Not many bathroom tiles are as vitreous and have high coefficient to friction to prevent slipping as the American Olean tile. Sophisticated and traditional, the tile is highly polished and can be veined, embossed or decorated with a variety of patterns or images, adding interesting color to your bathroom floor and walls.

One specific reason why American Olean tile has always been the number one bathroom tile is its elegant look. Combined with its modern metallic and the charm of hand-painted terra cotta, it is simply sensational! It creates a twist and modern look, allowing you to give your shower room the most amazing expression. In fact, with American Olean tile, you don’t need a lot to make a big statement. From my personal experience, smaller American Olean tiles often create many gout lines compared to larger ones, but they look better in bathrooms. Plus, they are more practical and decorative choice to make your bathroom interiors have more classy and refined look. Consequently, medium sized American Olean tiles are the most appealing and common choice for both small and large bathrooms.

I would as much praise on the American Olean tile as long as I can find befitting descriptive words, because I believe in their most obvious traits – benefits of durability, significant levels of practicality, moisture resistance, and hardness. My bathroom is a place of hygiene, which the American Olean tiles certainly offer. This is largely down to the water-resistant, thus hygienic, solutions they have, which can’t be matched by other types of tiles. They offer fresh appearance and their easy wipe surfaces make them second-to-none. Actually, I consider them as valuable long-term investment and an integral part of my home.

Generally, the American Olean tiles are denser and harder option, suitable for radiant in-floor heat. They keep my feet toasty on cool mornings. So, when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, the American Olean can give you a standout design you’ll love to show off to your house guests. Remember, there are many tiles in the market for so many purposes. Careful selection will not only enhance and protect your bathroom, but add to its capital value as well.