Just in case you were unaware of how awesome Traditions designer Heather Bosseler really is, check out this letter we received from a client of hers recently.

Dear Mr. Brown and Mr. Callahan,

I would like to give credit to a great customer service experience I had recently.

My husband and I are remodeling a short sale house we purchased to live in ourselves. We had tile needs for the kitchen, foyer and master bath. Our designer recommended Traditions in Tile so this is where we began our search. We had a good first visit and brought home some samples. We did our due diligence in going to other tile companies, but wanted the quality of product that Traditions offered so we came back to place our order. The original sales person had moved locations so we met with Heather Boesseler.

She was extremely helpful in finding a comparable tile from elsewhere at Traditions that would work in our bath, choosing grout colors and pattern for the kitchen and foyer. All was great until we found out there had been an error in the amount of a size of tile available for the kitchen/foyer.

Even though this was about to be a huge problem, Heather immediately informed us of the error, took responsibility, graciously apologized and came up with a very manageable solution. I so appreciate the manor in how she handled this. She was so professional, courteous, honest, and understanding that I want to make sure you are aware of this.

We had another issue with tile delivery and the snow had caused this issue. We had contractors lined up for particular days and on a tight schedule. Heather hand delivered this late tile to our job site so we could stay on track and not lose our scheduled time with the contractors.

It is not often you find customer service like this anymore. I have always worked in professions that were customer service driven, I feel I may be harder to please than most and I couldn’t be more pleased. I will highly recommend Traditions in Tile and especially Heather to anyone I know that needs tile. I will definitely include this great experience with my designer and real estate agent since they come in contact with clients remodeling on a regular basis.

Thank you for your time,
Atlanta, GA