When most people consider tile, glass or stone in the remodel of their houses the main thing that comes to mind is bathroom flooring, shower or tub surrounds and kitchen backsplashes, but there are so many other options where the use of tile can add that little bit of extra ‘oomph’ to your home.

Glass Backsplashes are always stunning, whether it’s neutral or colorful, linear or square mosaics, the effect of a large area covered with glass is timeless and beautiful. But why stop there?

Use your backsplash tile on the kitchen island to coordinate the two focal points and add some extra drama to the space.


Or, make it just a little more unexpected and add a few rows of your mosaic below your counter tops.


But why stop there!

This house had an odd niche in their downstairs powder room. So they turned it into a piece of art with an amazing stone and glass design with a shimmery porcelain border! Space is 24”Wx48”H.


Accent walls are frequently done with a coordinating shade of paint, or maybe some dramatic wallpaper. Why not split face stone instead for a rustic but super chic effect?


Or make your foyer or entryway a feature.


If a whole wall seems overwhelming, decorative accents can be worked into your design in smaller ways, like a glass mosaic panel highlighting a decorative and unusual light fixture.


Or the vertical risers between steps on your front staircase.


Shoot, who are we kidding, just tile the whole house!