‘LC Cava’ Technical & Sizing Information

LC Cava finds its strength in graphic patterns of incisions, instead of surface decoration. The collection is composed of a wide range of sizes that can or cannot be recorded with the water jet technology. Combining recorded and flat surfaces endless compositions are born. It is not until the installation of the chosen color joint is completed, that the collection takes sense: real leaks and mixed engravings are confused resulting in the final decoration.

LC Cava Mosaic consists of a single composition matrix that uses a triangular piece; this piece can be complete or cut at an angle with the same technology of water jet, already used previously.
By using these two simple elements within the same matrix, you get very different patterns from each other. The empty spaces, once they are filled with the joint, give rise to the true decoration of the surface. Once again, as in the main collection, the joints become design, in a positive / negative investment game.

Graphic Patterns

Inspiring Compositions