Exciting Mosaics

Form and function are the name of the game for mosaics.


Small size mesh-mounted or paper faced options are needed for most sloped showers floors… The looks and materials of mosaics on the scene today are everything one can imagine, including the good ol’ stand by, 2×2.


Here are a few of our favorites! Visit one of our showrooms to see more.

Doge Black Mosaic.

Marble mosaic availble in five different colors for walls or floor. Not approved for shower floors.

Echo Grand

Polished marble mosaic, available in three colors. Installation shown in Blue. Approved for use on walls or floors.

Devotion Lotus Pattern

This glass mosaic is available in five color blends, or can be customized with a wide array of mosaic colors. This is approved for use on wall applications only.

Gatsby Fete

This marble mosaic includes brushed brass. It is approved for wall use only.  

CC+ Herringbone

Porcelain mosaic in a herringbone pattern. Available in white or grey. This is approved for wall or floor use.

Tayla Isidore

Decorative marble mosaic. This pattern is available in 8 different color options. It is approved for floor and wall applications.

Tessera Gradient

Glass mosaic available in two, three or four color gradient options with over a hundred color options to choose from. Approved for wall and floor use as well as wet areas including pools and fountains.