Each year, industry leaders gather together to showcase new tile flooring trends. Manufacturers and sellers alike keep track of what homeowners most want to see, and help set the stage with new and innovative materials that can help people achieve their design goals. The latest offerings at industry show, Cersaie 2017, reveal many new modern tile flooring trends that fit in beautifully with many of today’s home designs. From pastel colors to updated patterns, it’s possible to create nearly any look with today’s tile floors. We’ve added several new up and coming designs that premiered at the show, and we’re looking forward to introducing them this year.


Modern Tile Flooring Trends and Design Ideas x1

Colors in all areas of interior design have been moving to both softer and richer hues for the last several years, and tile offerings at the moment are no different. You’ll see a range of beautiful tile floors done in various pastel hues, including pinks, blues, and spring greens. These soft colors are an uplifting way to add just a hint of color to a room. For those that aren’t sure that even soft hues of these shades are the way to go will find a lot to love in the earth tones collections that many tile manufacturers are providing as well. Taking inspiration from the hills in Italy, many floor tiles have deep, rich tones that can be found in the outdoors.


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Tile patterns have long been able to showcase a variety of prints, images, and designs. Today’s styles, however, are fresh takes that can really make for an interesting statement in many homes. Some patterns to keep an eye out for include:

  • Botanical prints such as leaves
  • Deconstructed prints including geometric shapes that don’t repeat evenly
  • Globally inspired images such as rice, Oriental carpets, and tattoos
  • Retro-inspired patterns meant to invoke images from the 50s and 60s, such as comic strips
  • Hand painted imagery that makes each tile look like a work of art

Mixed Materials

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Another trend has emerged that mixes different materials together within the tile or tiles. While this is hardly new, the way that the different materials are being mixed is. New typologies combine different stones, as well as metallic veins to marble tiles, or metallic accents that fit into the corners of waterjet cut stone patterns. The results are fresh, contemporary, and unlike anything that’s been seen before.


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Terrazzo tiles that have all the beauty and none of the issues surrounding older terrazzo designs have also surfaced of late. Today’s terrazzo porcelain can be used outdoors or in wet areas without becoming slippery or fading in color. Terrazzo tiles are available in both traditional and contemporary colors and patterns, so you can use them to complement a wide range of different styles in and around the home.

Weathered Tiles

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With the popularity of the rustic modern trend, it’s no wonder that weathered-looking tiles are also gaining in popularity right now. Weathered tiles have a softer, broken in feel to them that makes them appear to have a history and character that most new materials lack. Scratch marks in stone, rusted tin, and oxidized metals are just a few of the ways that you can find tiles weathered to give them the type of personality that is endlessly fascinating to many interior designers just now.

Design Ideas

The list of things you can do with these new tile collections is nearly endless. Use them to make a statement anywhere in your home. Consider these design ideas to help gain inspiration.

A Retro Reading Nook

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A private reading area is just the place to unwind after a long day. Take your walls to another level by installing a retro-inspired pattern. The color mixture will add instant elegance and richness to the area, while the 60s inspired look helps give the area the nostalgic look that is extremely appealing right now.

Pastel Porcelain Stripes

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Many people think of porcelain only in shades of black, white, gray, and beige. But this versatile tile comes in a wide range of other colors and shapes as well, including some of the more popular pastel hues of late. Consider choosing a tile line that is made to have a shade range within a color. The movement across the space is stunning and unexpected.

Rustic Flooring

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Weathered and rustic designs can be installed in nearly any area to add some character and interest to a room. These are often used for accent walls, dining areas, and spa style personal bathrooms. Consider mixing a rustic design with traditional decor to create a more personal, unique look perfect for relaxing.

Update Your Floors

With so many new modern tile flooring trends to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding one that fits your home. Try out any of these new designs to create the perfect statement on your floors.