Creating an outdoor space that offers both form and function is a homeowner’s dream. Along with being a relaxing environment for everything from entertaining to gardening, a functional exterior space is a long term investment for any homeowner. Outdoor living is no longer a trend; it is a way of life. Every year, Americans spend more and more time outside. With this in mind, it’s important that your outdoor area is welcoming and a reflection of your personal style.fireplace

There are many factors that go into creating the ideal outdoor space, but one of the biggest factors is picking the perfect tile. When it comes to designing an outdoor space, picking the right flooring tile is essential. Because deciding on the perfect tile is such an important task, we’ve identified the top four exterior tile trends for your consideration.

Go Bold

Outdoor spaces give homeowners and designers alike the chance to create a matchless space that stands on its own. One of the biggest trends in outdoor living is creating bold, colorful spaces. Decorative tiles give a unique and personalized look for outdoor spaces ranging from outdoor kitchens to gardens. Colorful tiles and bold patterns can help transform any outdoor space into an eye-catching oasis.spaGeometric Shapes

Geometric-shaped tiles are a great way to add flair to any outdoor space. For example, we’ve found that hexagons are on-trend, but there are various options to fit your design needs. Often used over concrete, geometric tiles are a great way to give new life to any patio, deck, or pool deck. If you’re not quite ready to go bold, but still want tiles that tell a story, this is a great option.

Porcelain Wood Look Tiles

Porcelain wooden tiles and the tiny homes trend go hand-in-hand. Wooden tiles are ideal for small spaces because they can add texture and depth without making a space feel cramped, and this is especially helpful for urban and rooftop gardens. Porcelain wooden tiles are also a great choice because the fit many styles; from an industrial look to rustic feel, these tiles are versatile. Easy to maintain, durable, and available in many colors and design, it’s no surprise that homeowners are embracing this trend with open arms.

wood plankNatural Stone

It’s tough to call natural stone a trend because it’s timeless and classic, but as it continues to rise in popularity outdoors, it’s safe to say that natural stone is trending. Natural stone is great for designing outdoor spaces because it seamlessly fits in with nature, but still maintains a classic look. Another reason natural stone is a great choice for outdoor spaces is the fact that it’s very durable. Natural stone can withstand even the harshest conditions, making it one of the top choices for various outdoor projects.

stone patio

When choosing the products for your outdoor area make sure that you talk with your designer or installer about what is appropriate for the space and the weather expectations in your area. An outdoor patio in Miami will have different options available than a tiled fire pit in Oregon or a covered porch with no direct sunlight in the Virginia Mountains.