Mayfair wall tiles challenge any designer with its geometrical and colorful possibilities through its different square, rectangle and hexagon shapes. Highlighted with a subtle micro-crackel effect, Mayfair’s Victorian look gives you the perfect combination of traditional ceramics tiles incorporated with the latest trends in design. 

product info

Material: Ceramic

Finishes: Glossy

8 mm ⦊|⦉  

  • 5″x5″ 
  • 2.5″x5″ 
  • 2.5″x6″ Picket

★ – In Stock

Tiles not shown In Stock are Special Order

technical info

Frost Resistant: No – Indoor Only

Breaking Strength:  > 12 N/mm2

DCOF:  14.95%

Shade Variation: V2

  • Residential Interior – Walls
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