This collection of linear ceramic and porcelain tiles combine chic matte colors, fresh and vibrant translucents, earthy organic clays, rich deep minerals.  These gorgeous gems are versatile and bring any space to life!

product info

Material: Porcelain Body & White Body Ceramic

Finishes: Matte, Glossy

8.5 mm ⦊|⦉  

  • 4.6″ x 4.6″ Porcelain Body – Glossy, Matte
  • 5″ x 10″ White Body Ceramic – Glossy, Matte

★ – In Stock

Tiles not shown In Stock are Special Order

technical info

 Frost Resistant: Yes

Breaking Strength:  > 35N/mm2

DCOF:  > 0.40 Dry / > 0.40 Wet

Shade Variation: V3

  • Residential Interior/Exterior
  • Flooring & Walls
  • Medium traffic areas – Lappato/Polished
  • Heavy traffic areas – Fade/Natural
Porcelain Body

*Do not use these colors on countertops or near food.

White Body Ceramic Matt
White Body Ceramic Gloss


  • The size of the piece may vary depending on the color. We do not recommend using compositions that mix different colors.

  • Due to the glaze specifications of colors: SB Turques Gloss, SB Honey Gloss, SB Olive Gloss, SB Teal Gloss and SB Indigo Gloss; It is strongly recommended to avoid using these products on kitchen countertops or any other surface where the tiles might be in contact with food.