Tile Art: Artistic Expression through Tile

There are many traditional tile colors and patterns frequently used in interior and exterior applications, but what about those who dare to be bold? We are not expecting you to go as far as this house did with tile, but below we have found a few fun, interesting, artistic tile installations that may inspire you to step out of the “linear tile” box.

Blog AET1
Photo credit: Houzz / Jackson Cabinetry, LLC

While the linear installation of this wall is still traditional, the color variations of the tile create a large, pleasant focal point for this master bathroom.

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Photo credit: Traditions in Tile

A smaller yet impactful alternative to the first image above could be a decorative tile floor layout. This master shower remains neutral due to its white marble walls, but the blue and green floor design adds custom beauty to the space.

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Photo credit: Apartment Therapy / Petra Bindel

A unique way to add subtle detail to a space is through the mixing-and-matching tile designs within similar color tones, such as the vanity shown above. It is simple yet very intentional.

Blog AET4Photo credit: Traditions in Tile

Commercial spaces can and should express creativity with tile, too! This corridor utilizes blue and green fan-shaped tile to create a fish scale-like pattern. It almost gives an “under the sea” appeal *cues The Little Mermaid*.

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