The same reason that Baskin Robbins has 31 Flavors. Variety is the spice of life and just having a choice between Chocolate and Vanilla…makes things a whole heck of a lot easier, but not nearly as much fun or as personal.

These days the options in wood look porcelain tile is almost as wide, if not wider, than the famed ice cream shop. The styles range from traditional to contemporary, beachy, rustic, modern, scraped, polished, fossilized and so many, many others it’s hard to come up with enough adjectives. The good news is that no matter what your personal style, we have a flavor of wood look porcelain tile to match it.

So, the next question is, why? Why has this turned into such an interior design trend? The benefits to wood look tile, over traditional hard wood floors are significant.

Porcelain tile wood look can give you the look and feel of a natural wood floor without the maintenance.

You never have to refinish tile.

Tile is a more durable surface. It will not scratch, scuff, stain or mar from the multitude of feet, paws, claws, shoes, chairs or sofas pushed around on it.

Tile is easy to clean. No need to worry about what might interact with your wood finish.

Tile is, and always has been an earth friendly option using locally sourced materials and recycling waste into new raw materials for another batch.

One of the nicest things about having tile floors is being able to heat them! Not only do you get a floor with a wood look but that has nice easy maintenance, but you could also have toasty warm toes in the winter and enjoy the cool floors in the summer.

The choices are amazing and our designers would love the opportunity to show them to you. Visit your local Traditions in Tile showroom to see these looks and more.