Your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you go within your home to relax, unwind, and rest. It’s for this reason that so many people put extra effort into making this room look particularly special, with close attention paid to every detail, including wall coverings.

Accent walls for bedrooms can help add another layer of dimension and interest to the space, helping you achieve the look and style you want for the room. Whether you use an accent wall in place of a headboard or you choose to show off the design as the main design in the room, there are a lot of directions you can take this enhancement.


Accent Walls for Bedrooms 1

When creating an accent wall, the biggest consideration you will need to make is in regard to its placement. Ideally, the accent should become the focal point of the room – that one place where you eye naturally gravitates. In the bedroom, you will have a few options for where to create this.

  • One is behind the bed, in place of the headboard. Many people automatically look toward the bed in this room, which makes it a natural place to create an accent.
  • Another is on the wall opposite the door you enter through. This makes the accent wall the first thing you see as you enter, giving it maximum visual impact.
  • A third is surrounding or complementing any other focal point, such as a fireplace surround or a large window or windows.

Plan your accent wall so that it gets maximum exposure and really captures the attention of the viewer.


Accent Walls for Bedrooms 2

Your second consideration after placement is what the intended effect your accent wall will have on the viewer. Bedrooms are primarily used for sleeping, but they can also be used for relaxing, or even reading and working depending on whether or not this is a shared space.

Accent walls can be very dynamic, creating energy in the room. They can also be used to help set a mood, such as creating a soothing atmosphere or a romantic one.

When you choose to use an accent wall in the bedroom, think about what you want to create there. What is the desired effect that this accent is going to have on the room and on the room’s occupants.


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Accent walls are unique. They serve no purpose other than decoration, so they can be made from nearly any type of material from paint to cloth to tile. The material that you choose can play a big role in how the wall is viewed, and the impact that it has on the rest of the room’s design.

Natural stone, for example, can be used to create a variety of different effects on the wall, from a Zen-style atmosphere to a rustic getaway. Mosaic wallpaper can be used to create patterns and light-catching designs. Paint can create a wide range of effects as well, from soothing cool blues to warm, dynamic reds.

Make sure that you take your intent for the wall into consideration as you plan the material and the design to achieve the desired results.

Design Ideas

There are countless ways to create a bedroom accent wall that can help you create the perfect style. Consider these three ideas to help get you started on making your own.

Rustic Accent

Accent Walls for Bedrooms 55

This stone tile wall adds a lot of texture to a rustic bedroom design. Placed on the wall behind the bed, it makes a natural focal point, while the light color of the stone helps to brighten the room. The uneven tiles complement the rustic wood beams and the irregular stone floor.

Soothing Design

Accent Walls for Bedrooms 6

River stones have a particularly calm and sensual appearance that can help creating relaxing accent wall in your bedroom. Whether you choose stacked stones like these, or an irregular pattern, river stones can help you get the soothing design you’re looking for in the bedroom.

Dynamic Pattern

Accent Walls for Bedrooms 77

Accent walls can also be great places to create a pattern. This framed tile accent is used in place of a headboard, and extends past both the bed and the night tables on either side to visually enlarge and enhance the entire wall.

Update Your Bedroom

If your bedroom needs a makeover or just a little help to cement your design, consider adding an accent wall to the mix. Whether you opt for something soothing or energizing, an accent wall is sure to take your design to the next level.Accent Walls for Bedrooms 1