We are honored to be able to give back a portion of the procedes from every tile we sell back into the community around us and around the world through partnering with Convoy of Hope.

As we do business together to improve your life, you are helping to improve the lives of underserved children and families around the world and in our back yard.


We chose to support Convoy of Hope, not only because they donate so much towards feeding the hungry and providing for the community, but also because of their agricultural initiatives, teaching those in need around the world how to improve their lives through growing their own crops to eat and to sell.

Ways Convoy of Hope is Helping Around the World


Civic organizations, churches, businesses, and government agencies come together at Convoy of Hope’s Community Events to bring help and hope to families in need. Together, they offer a menu of free services to each and every Guest of Honor.

Guided by the “Guest of Honor” principle, Convoy of Hope Community Events deliver groceries, health services, haircuts, family portraits, career services, shoes, and much more — all at no charge.


During times of natural and humanitarian disaster, Convoy of Hope responds with tangible aid and compassion.

When you link arms with Convoy of Hope to provide disaster relief, hurting people receive the help and strength they need to get back on their feet. Convoy is committed to helping as much as possible, for as long as possible.


From Australia’s outback and Europe’s ancient villages to America’s heartland, the lifeblood of any nation is its small towns. Convoy of Hope is working to help rural communities thrive.

Poverty and hunger are equal opportunity problems. The same issues the world’s largest cities grapple with also confront local mayors and town councils. We help rural communities effectively discover and implement solutions to the issues they face.


The demands of life weigh on her from the moment she wakes up. There is always a need. She has unlimited potential, and you can help her unlock it.

When women participate in the Convoy of Hope Women’s Empowerment program, the cycle of poverty is broken. With your help, Convoy partners with women as they start their own businesses and support their families. Empowering women and girls to advocate for themselves creates opportunities that last for generations.


The days, months, or years a child spends without proper nutrition create problems that last a lifetime. But when you feed children through Convoy of Hope, you become part of the solution.

When you feed children with Convoy of Hope, you open the door to tremendous possibilities. You and Convoy — together — are strategically investing at a critical time in their lives. By feeding children in schools, we are providing them with the vital nutrition they need to thrive.


The potential for lasting change is in the soil, and the best solutions are grown at home. With Convoy of Hope’s agricultural training and resources, local farmers’ fields take on new life.

Through Convoy’s agriculture training, you give people the skills to break the cycle of poverty for themselves. Convoy’s agriculture specialists teach production methods that encourage long-term sustainable practices. With improved practices and larger yields, farmers are often able to give back to Convoy’s strategic feeding programs.