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This pattern is a wink to the art of tapestry and embroidery from region of Normandy, the the medieval center in Bayeux, France.

Bayeux is available in three color ways – soft earth tone neutrals, playful blues and classic black, white and gray.

Made up of 98% recycled glass tiles, this full body mosaic is immune from fading or discoloration, showing equal color throughout.  These mosaics have excellent resistance to UV light, as well as common household chemicals, foot traffic, stains, and frost.  Its incredible slip resistance makes this collection an excellent choice for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, both indoors and outdoors as well as fully submerged pools & spas.

product info

Material: Recycled Glass Mosaic


  • 13 ½ x 10 ⅜  in – Mosaic sheet ◊
  • ⅜ in – hexagon micro tile pieces ◊

◊ = Rectified


  • Matte
technical info

Frost Resistant: Yes

Breaking Strength: meets requirements

DCOF: R9 0,21

Shade Variation: V1

  • Interior Wall & Floor
  • Exterior Wall & Floor
  • Pool & Spa – Full Submersion
  • Bath Wall & Floor
  • Mantle Face/Hearth (NOT interior fire box)