Metolius Ridge – Tierra Madre

Rustic beauty inspired by nature.

Metolius Ridge is a curated collection from designer Justyn Livingston. The name comes from the Metolius River located in a sublime section of nature in Bend, Oregon. Offering 15 colors inspired by the Pacific Northwest applied to a Tierra Madre body – a 1/2″ thick hand crafted, blonde body tile with a distressed face.

product info

Material: Blonde Body Ceramic

Finishes: Distressed Face

13 mm ⦊|⦉

  • 6″x6″
  • 4″x4″
  • 2″x8″
  • 4″ Hexagon
  • 8″ Hexagon
  • 7″ Conche
  • Arabesque Pattern 8C

Special Pieces

  • Quarter Round A-106
  • Inside Quarter Round A-107
  • Quarter Round Beak (Corner) AC-106

    ★ = Stock

    technical info

    Frost Resistant: Yes

    Shade Variation: V4 – Random/High Variation

    • Residential/Commercial
    • Interior/Exterior Walls & Floors

    There will be random color differences from tile to tile; one tile may have different colors from that on other tiles, thus the final installation will be unique. These tiles cannot be selected by the customer from just one or two pieces.

    Available Sizes/Shapes