Movement is a principle of good design, influencing what the viewer sees next. Momentum, a three-dimensional tile collection, creates visual movement in space through the crosscurrents of art, design and pattern. These Japanese, hand-crafted ceramic tiles feature sculptured lines of dramatic variation that encourage exploration: use a single shape to discover various textures, or puzzle together multiple shapes to express your unique direction.

Material: Ceramic

Available Sizes/Patterns:

Sync (4″ x 13″),  Kinesis (4″ x 13″), Rise Left (4″ x 13″),  Rise Right (4″ x 13″)   


Momentum is a high temperature fired clay suitable for interior wall use and limited exterior use (see Momentum Installation Instructions for details). Momentum is NOT suitable for floor, wet (shower/steam shower) or submerged water applications.

Sync (4 x 13)  

Rise Right (4 x 13)

White Sand

Dark Silver

Kinesis (4 x 13)


Rise Left (4 x 13) 

Sunset Bronze