Overtone Open
patio & special pieces in Tortora 

Overtone OPEN

The outdoor modules transfer great naturalness through the dusty quality of the pigments and a complex intertwining of material micro details.  OPEN surfaces are designed to meet the demands of any outdoor space – paths, terraces, gardens, driveways, car parks and pool edges. The wide assortment of trim tiles available offers designers and architects a full array of practical, tough, versatile solutions for pool edges, steps, windowsills and garden walls. Meticulous attention to every aesthetic detail and the peerless performances of 20 mm porcelain stoneware provide the landscape design world with a safe, hyper-realistic Italian made surface which also enables any outdoor context to be covered in complete continuity of appearance with the indoor floors.

OPEN’s thick technical porcelain stoneware makes for highly resistant surfaces and safely addresses all needs relating to the pool world. The monolithic slabs comprise only natural raw materials and are extremely hygienic; their low porosity does not hold humidity, bacteria or odours. OPEN surfaces are hypo-allergenic and ensure maximum safety as well as beauty.  

Also available in indoor/outdoor options:

product info

Material: Porcelain Stoneware – Rectified


20 mm ⦊|⦉  OPEN Outdoor

  • 32″ x 32″
  • 24″ x 47.25″

Special Pieces:

  • curvilinear corner with bullnose
  • step tread with bullnose
  • corner grating
  • corner duct
  • grating
  • duct
  • assembled step tread
  • riser with groove

*Tiles not shown In Stock are Special Order from Italy

technical info

Frost Resistant: Yes

Breaking Strength:  45 N/mm2

DCOF:  > 0.42 (R11)

Shade Variation: V2 – moderate

  • Exterior Flooring & Walls
  • Pools & Patios
  • Heavy traffic areas