Ceramic Subway Wall Tile


This subway wall tile line comes in a classic 3×6 size as well as an elogated 4×16 which are available in six colors. The white comes in both a gloss and matte finish while the other colors are only available in the gloss. The white gloss is also available in a 3×6 Bevel, 8×16, 8×24, 4×12 and 4×12 Bevel. This line has coordinating trim in 3×6 and 4×8 as well as a full selction of both gloss ceramic and matte porcelain mosaics. The gloss ceramic mosaics are not approved for floor applications.





Warm Grey


Ceramic Mosaics – Gloss Finish

Not for floor use.

White Penny Round

White Arabesque

White Convex

White 1×3 Brick

Biscuit Penny

Biscuit Arabesque

Biscuit Convex

Biscuit 1×3 Brick

Warm Grey Penny

Warm Grey Arabesque

Warm Grey Convex

Warm Grey 1×3 Brick

Porcelain Mosaics – Matte Finish

Approved for floor use.

White 2×2

Linen 2×2

1″ Hex White

2″ Hex White with Black Dot


Biscuit 2×2

Taupe 2×2

1″ Hex White with Black Dot

2×2 White with White Dot


Warm Grey 2×2

Black 2×2

2″ Hex White

2×2 White with Black Dot